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제목 John 의 OESS 후기 두번째.. 작성일 2013-12-03 조회수 1230



Hi, I’m John. This is my second OESS.

During OESS, My English ability had been improving.

I like to join OESS because it is good for me.

I recommend it to other students who have never joined OESS to join.

Frankly speaking, I couldn’t speak English well during my first OESS,

But this time I’m better than before.

I might have been confident. Even if I succeed OESS, I’m not satisfied with it.

I’m still hungry for more English.

I will join OESS every month before I go back to Korea.

During this OESS, I could speak English using a lot of expressions.

In my case, I have adjusted to speaking English easily because I have already joined OESS before.

I figured out my problems, Intonation, vocabulary and listening.

Especially, Vocabulary is big cheese!

I should have studied vocabulary hard when I was in Korea

I have to study it hard.

When I was in Korea, I couldn’t find my interest but now, my interest is English.

Learning English is interesting and talking to foreigners is fun.

I appreciate my parents, Sparta and teachers.

I wish that all students would join OESS.

Even if I’m Korean, I will keep on speaking English

Why? Speaking English is what I like.

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