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제목 대만학생 MAY의 두번째 OESS후기 작성일 2013-11-29 조회수 1157

This is my second time to join oess. compare to the first time of joining it, i am familiar with it more.

I thinks it's the program to enter to talk with others in english, speak in correct grammar, increase studying surrounding and join knowledge such as grammar, vocabulary and idioms. on the whole, it can benefit in our capability.

So it's the reason i wany to jion agan.

During the time, there were plenty of people to join togather.

It seemed we were in america hot in the school.

Few people spoke korean and chinede.

At that time, it was very interesting and funny.

I like the atmosphere of the school because our comon language is english and we can realize what everyone say.

Due to twice experience of oess.

i still want to join again. I can speak english here but it will seldom be used after coming back to waiwan when i talk with my classmates and teachers.

We have the same opninion.

If we want to improve it a lot.

We must speak, use and review a lot.

The other method, read and practice it from simple book.

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